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CantorCO2e is a leading global provider of financial services to the world’s environmental and   energy markets.  Formed through a merger between LLC, and Cantor Environmental Brokerage on 13 March 2007, CantorCO2e uniquely offers finance, advice, technology and transaction services to clients engaged in using energy and managing emissions across the world – a truly integrated approach that is necessary to effectively help preserve our environment.

CantorCO2e’s philosophy is that long-term change in the way in which we use energy, and our collective impact on our environment, cannot happen without the involvement of the world’s capital markets – it takes money to finance change.  Money alone is not enough, you also need to ensure the environmental integrity of what you are doing, and to do this on a large scale requires organisation.  CantorCO2e – its staff and its predecessors - have been at the forefront of the development of environmental markets since they were first conceived.  We have given many thousands of hours of our time to develop markets that work financially, while maintaining environmental integrity.  We have helped design all of the world’s major environmental trading schemes – we have argued for market mechanism as environmental solutions, developed market rules, create methodologies, advise on standards – and we have been instrumental in transferring billions of dollars to environmental projects world-wide.  We also keep our own house in order, and offset our own emissions through the Climate Warehouse – a supplier of greenhouse gas emission offsets.

CantorCO2e is a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, a leading financial services provider to the institutional equity and fixed income markets and, one of 22 financial institutions designated as a primary dealer by the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.  Other shareholders include Mitsui.  We are headquartered in London and San Francisco, and have fourteen offices across five continents. 

CantorCO2e is the only environmental finance company working as a broker in the carbon markets which is regulated under the UK’s Financial Service Authority (FSA), has a global presence in the international markets working with project developers on the ground and at the same time brokers the fast-growing European Emissions Trading Scheme.  Our history and philosophy is based firmly in the financial markets, while we have a strong track-record of project development across the globe.  This unique blend of skills enables us to both develop carbon projects quickly and efficiently, but also to get best value for them in the international marketplace.

Some of the unique advantages of the CantorCO2e approach are highlighted below:

  • We are an FSA-regulated financial markets broker:

    • We have professional brokerage teams in the principal buyers markets of the EU, Japan, Canada and the USA – this means that we can access the best prices, globally.  An example of this is the recent switch of price leadership from Europe to Japan: no problem for our clients.

    • We are true market intermediaries – we access the best prices, wherever they are in the world.  We do not take a principal market position, and we do not make a margin between buy and sell prices – so we have every incentive to get you the best price available globally, not to minimize the price paid to you in order to maximize our trading gain.

    • We have a huge, global client base, so we really do access the whole market.  This is strongly supported by our EU desk, who speak to all the European buyers every day.

    • We are the only broker that has an origination team as well as an EU desk – so we are in a unique position to understand the issues of both buyers and sellers.  This is reflected in our strong track-record of successfully completed transactions.

    • We are FSA-regulated, so we are legally obliged to get you a fair market price in a transparent manner.

  • We have a strong reputation for CDM expertise:

    • We have the in-house experience of writing many successful methodologies.
    • We have a full PDD and carbon project-management service.
    • Clients retain us to go through their entire investment portfolios to look for CERs – we have found tens of millions of additional CER potential in this manner.
    • We have a growing reputation for rescuing projects developed by other companies, whose projects have been rejected at registration, and of getting them registered.
    • We act as project manager for the carbon aspects of emissions projects for many, many projects across the globe.
    • When we manage the technology too – current examples are HFC incineration, landfill gas development, and waste heat recovery – we don’t have the commercial encumbrance of tie-ups with particular technology suppliers.
    • Our expertise is recognised by the industry – staff members sit on many international committees, including CER issuance committees under the UNFCCC.
    • Our performance is recognized by our clients – we have won the Environmental Finance readers award for ‘Best Broker of Kyoto Credits’ every year since the award was first issued.

  • We are known as innovators:

    • We have a long line of firsts, from EU trades, to CERs and structured products.  We have structured up-front payments to project developers, arranged credit swaps to enable risk-free pre-payments, and created mixed instruments to enhance uptake.
    • In the 1990s, we brokered the biggest-ever voluntary greenhouse gas emission transaction from enhanced oil recovery. We are now moving into a Joint Venture with the project developer to establish a new carbon warehouse for the voluntary marketplace.
    • We operate CER escrow accounts to safeguard buyers and sellers, and to remove risk from the transaction process.
    • We have worked with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to define and develop their project risk insurance tool.
    • We operate bespoke auctions to maximize value from CER streams.
    • We have created the world’s first full electronic auction to maximise the sale price of spot CERs.
    • We are rolling out a number of sustainable carbon equity investment funds together with CARE (current funds under development are for Brazil, Africa and Indonesia).
    • We are appointed as technical advisor to other funds under development.

  • We create value across multiple, synergistic product streams:

    • We are very active in the fast-growing voluntary carbon market, where companies, other organisations and individuals are choosing to buy emission reductions to offset the emissions associated with lifestyle choices such as flying or heating homes. This provides an attractive second market for reductions from some projects.
    • We have a growing biofuels business.
    • We have access to a range of green technologies.

  • We are one of the most experienced teams in the market, globally:

    • CantorCO2e’s greatest strength is its team and the team members’ experience, knowledge, networks and relationships. We have over 60 transaction specialists working with clients around the world. Together we have hundreds of years of experience bringing sustainable projects online. Individually, several of our staff have been founders of emissions markets, and many have been well-known faces in the global carbon markets for more than a decade. Now the team takes prides in being a world leader in the carbon market, and works closely, sharing particular experience and knowledge, to successfully bring sustainable projects online.

CantorCO2e therefore has no one competitor. It has competitors in different areas that it works in, but there is no other company with its breadth of geographical coverage, historical and creative expertise and market involvement. In the CDM area, our main competition lies in two areas: companies that are project developers without a financial arm and not able to provide a regulated brokerage service to access the full market when bringing CERs to market, meaning the CERs are extremely unlikely to be fully monetized; or regulated brokers with European Allowance desks, who can access buyers but do not have the international presence or technical knowledge and ability of CantorCO2e. We believe neither group can rival our team. In essence, in the CDM market CantorCO2e distinguishes itself from others by being able to provide a full service to clients from project identification to realisation of carbon assets. At every stage we act in an open, transparent and effective way so you can be sure you are getting the best service and the best deal.

CantorCO2e is owned by Cantor Fitzgerald and Mitsui.  Founded in 1945, Cantor Fitzgerald is a leading global financial services institution offering clients an array of financial products and services, including equity sales and trading, fixed income sales and trading, investment banking, brokerage services, asset management, foreign exchange and research/market analysis. For 60 years Cantor Fitzgerald has been committed to delivering a unique brand of unparalleled trading and distribution services, product expertise, innovative technology and customer services to its clients around the world. Cantor Fitzgerald has over 1,900 professionals in 25 offices worldwide and is financially strong with:

  • US$45 billion in assets, consolidating into a parent company balance sheet of over US$50 billion
  • US$112 billion of daily average trading volume in equities (US$26.7 trillion per annum)
  • US$30 billion of daily average trading volume in fixed income (US$7.2 trillion per annum)
  • One of the highest equity crossing-ratios in the world.
Mitsui is one of the largest Japanese trading houses, supports us in many technology driven projects, and works with us to develop client relations from its offices across the globe.
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