• Land Acquisition (both from private as well as from Government sources)
  • Forest De-Reservation Proposals (Both State Level as well as Central Government Level)
  • Coal Linkages from CIL
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Detailed Project Reports
Ongoing Projects Proposed Projects Our Clients
bullet Engineering Consultancy (PL)
bullet Renewable Energy (PL)
bullet CDM/Carbon Credit
bullet Waste Management (PL)
bullet Networking (PL)
bullet Environment Impact Assessment (PL)
bullet Social Impact Assessment


We wish to introduce ourselves, Advance Eco Controls Pvt Ltd, as a premier Research and Operations group in the Eastern region of India. 

About the Company

Advance Eco Controls (P) Ltd (AECPL) was created in response to demand from the industry which needed a diversity of services under one umbrella. Reputed Companies and Organisations came together to create this new venture with capabilities to address the needs of the times in a rapidly changing technological environment. The strength of AECPL lies in the synergy created by linking the competencies of technological leaders and strategy experts. 

The group of persons and organisations that came together have actually been loosely associated since almost 10 years for various projects. Their formal association and the creation of Advance Eco Controls Pvt Ltd took place only in 2007. Sunil Bhagwani, whose profile is below, was instrumental in promoting the company. 

The demand from the industry to have a single point of reference, for the creation of both “Greenfield” as well as “Brownfield” projects, defined the structure of AECPL and the skill-sets needed by the company to successfully service its customers. The services thus standardly rendered by AECPL and its strategic partners are any or all of the following:

  • Project pre-feasibility and location finalisation
  • Initial IEM registration and/or pre-licensing
  • Preparation of all statutory documentation for State or District Single-Window Clearance of the project.
  • Land Identification and Procurement either privately or through government agencies
  • Preparation of Environment Impact Assessment and Environment Management Plans
  • Preparation of Forest Diversion Proposals
  • Preparation of Social Impact Assessment Plan and Resettlement Plans
  • Liaison at all levels from district up to the Central Government
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports and Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports
  • CDM consultancy
  • Financial Consultancy and Fund sourcing
  • Effluent and waste management inputs
  • Energy management inputs and optimisation of power systems
  • Communications and Networking
  • Infrastructure and Real-Estate Development Consultancy
  • Project Supervision including engineering supervision and monitoring
  • Post-Project Management and Advisory Inputs

The company also has on its advisory panel a number of specialists and personalities, some retired from government service, who can ably guide ongoing processes in relation to legalities,  administrative processes as well as politico-social acceptability.  

Since the need of the hour is responsible industrial development, the research and consultancy outputs from Advance Eco Controls Pvt Ltd are useful for Private Public cooperation in the development of natural resources so that benefits are equitably distributed across the population. Special attention is focused on people living in vulnerable and inaccessible pockets and experiencing severe environmental stress. While governments may not have resources that they can ill afford, they have obligations to put in place policies and strategies that would help in equitable distribution of benefits from development. By including environmental safety as one of the indicators of development, AECPL also factors environmental issues into the locus of social well-being along with health, education, habitat, gender, employment, income, etc.

About the Management of Advance Eco Controls Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sunil Bhagwani (Director)

Age 58 yrs. Dr. Sunil Bhagwani had his schooling in Switzerland and completed his graduation, Post-graduation and Doctoral degree from the University of Geneva. He is specialized in Linguistics and Communications but also has a degree in gemmology from the Gemmological Institute of America. He has worked as war correspondent for Agence France Presse – France, as interpreter and Technical Assistant for the United Nations and was General Manager of La Grotta in the Republic of San Marino and Founder Member of International Academy of Sciences of San Marino. He was responsible for the inception and execution of the first corporate guesthouse complex in the State at Gopalpur-on-Sea and is still associated with the project. He has a number of years of experience in leading large teams of industrial employees, has over 15 years on direct hands-on experience in the construction and project management field and thus has an in-depth knowledge of materials management, construction and industrial processes. He is the Executive Director of Kaushal Ferro Metals (P) Ltd, a 100 crore integrated Steel Plant, and was responsible for setting up the Greenfield project that is in production since August 2006. He was also a Promoter Director of Green Circle Environment (P) Ltd., a company that has been a pioneer since 2002 in medical and municipal waste management as well as in bio-fertilisers. He has also been visiting faculty to the State Administrative Academy for the subject “Disaster Management” and has been a consultant to the International Red Cross and the Swiss Agency for Development and Coordination (Govt. of Switzerland). He was also responsible in the post-cyclone period for the construction of 32 school-cum-cyclone shelters in the affected coastal areas of Orissa. He is fluent in a number of Indian as well as European languages. He was the Founder Secretary of “Viswakala”, an NGO formed in 1996, which has been involved in the field of social development in Ganjam District of Orissa. 

Dharitri Mohapatra (Director)
Dharitri Mohapatra is a post-graduate in languages from Indira Gandhi Women’s College and Utkal University and is a specialist in interior decoration and aesthetics. A native of Bhadrak district and a trustee of the Swagatika Trust that has been engaged in socio-cultural activities in the area since more than 25 years, her in-depth knowledge of the area and her personal contacts are great assets to the company. Her knowledge of Indian culture is another factor that gives her insights into the social fabric that AECPL is often called to interact with. She is also responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of our consultancy jobs and formulating proposals for socio-economic and CSR activities of our various clients.

Sitakanta Dash (Director)

32 yrs of age, a post-graduate from Utkal University in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology, Sitakanta Dash is also equipped with a Post-graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. He is a founder of “Sachetanata” a NGO specializing since 5 years in micro-finance and SHGs. He is also the promoter/owner of a web/software business in the name and style of “.COM” since 2004.

His knowledge of finance and his dynamism make him a valuable asset to the company. 

Kalika Mohapatra (Technical Director)

45 years of age, she has a Master’s degree in Psychology as well as a Master’s in Marketing and Human Resource Management. With projects undertaken under UNDP and other agencies such as

  • Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework – World Bank Institution
  • Gender Aspect of Disaster Recovery & Reconstruction - World Bank Institution
  • Risk Sensitive Land-use Planning - World Bank Institution
  • PRINCE2 - Project Management in Controlled Environment
  • Understanding Gender in Society – PRIA Education

Amongst other posts, she has been:

  • Associate Professor in KIIT School of Rural Management, KIIT University from Sept. 2009  and continuing.
  • Senior Programme Associate, Disaster Risk Management, UNDP [October 2002- July 2009]
  • Project Supervisor, Orissa Disaster Management Programme, UNDP-Orissa [April 2002 – September 2002]
  • National Consultant, UNIDO in Orissa for Industrial Policy 2000 for Orissa [March 2001 – March 2002]
  • National United Nations Volunteer – District Support Officer in Khordha in Super Cyclone Recovery programme [December 1999- February 2001]
  • Senior Researcher – Aims Research, Bhubaneswar in Study of clients and its implication in HIV/AIDs in Orissa [January 1999- November 1999]
  • Consultant for NIAHRD, Cuttack in for Slum Improvement Project funded by DfID India [September 1997 – December 1998]
  • Field Officer in CARE –India for Partnership Nutrition Programme and Health Project [August 89 – March 97]
    • Supplementary Nutrition Programme Monitoring
    • Care for the Child Project
    • Continuing Health Education Programme
    • Nutrition and Health Programme

Amongst other projects he has conducted/ been responsible for the following:

  1. Conducted Management Development Programmes on Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change and Livelihood & Governance for developmental professional from NGOs and government functionaries.
  2. Conducted studies on developmental issues study  i.e. NREGS and Livelihoods in Angul and Dhenkanal Districts.
  3. Conducted study on Impact of Climate Change and it’s coping strategy in Orissa.
  4. Conducted Socio-economic study of seven villages of Tangi Block, Cuttack district for RSB Metaltech Pvt ltd., Bhubaneswar.

Julie Mishra (Technical Director)

32 years old, Mrs Julie Mishra has completed her Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from Sikkim Manipal University and her B.Ed from R.I.E. Bhubaneswar. She has been involved in multiple projects related to Forest and Environment by the Company since its inception and has successfully handled all the assignments that were entrusted to her. 

About our strategic associates

(Please be so kind as to browse their respective websites)

ORG-India: Complete Project engineering consultancy including Environmental Impact Assessment –

Autonic Energy Systems (P) Ltd: Pioneers in the field of Hybrid Energy Systems –

SAFHI: NGO expert in Social Impact Assessment –

SK Communications: Experts in the fields of Communications and Networking and Distributors of Motorola Wi-Fi and Canopy Systems –

Green Circle Environment (P) Ltd: Experts in Effluent Management and Bio-Fertilisers –

RDA and Associates: Chartered Accountants and Financial Resource –

Creative Architects: Architects and Real Estate Developers-  

About our Advisors

    Revenue and Land Matters

      Mr. K. Parida (Retd. Under-Secretary, Board of Revenue)

      Mr. D. Dash (Retd ADM & Financial Advisor, Board of Revenue)

    Legal Matters

      Adv. Y Sri Ramamurthy (Land and other Civil Matters)

      Adv. S. Dash (High Court)

      Adv. M. Bose (Kolkata High Court)

      Adv. Y. Dash (Supreme Court)

    Process Engineering

      Maknan Consultants Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

    Electrical Engineering

      Mr. K.C. Mahapatra (Retd. Chief Engineer)

    Project Installation and Plant Operations

      Mr. L.N. Perni 

On going jobs for various clients

    Vedanta-Sesa Goa Ltd

      Land Acquisition

      Master-plan modification

      Pollution Board and Environmental Clearances

      Central Ground-Water clearance

    Kaushal Ferro-Metals Pvt Ltd

      Land Acquisition

    Raipur Infrastructure Company Ltd

      Single-Window Clearance

      Land Acquisition

      RP for mineral exploration

    Aditya Birla—Essel Mining and Industries Ltd

      Land Category Change

      Land Acquisition for Pelletisation Plant

    Shyam Steel Industries Ltd

      Land Identification for 2 industrial projects

      Land acquisition for private railway siding.

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