• Land Acquisition (both from private as well as from Government sources)
  • Forest De-Reservation Proposals (Both State Level as well as Central Government Level)
  • Coal Linkages from CIL
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Detailed Project Reports
Ongoing Projects Proposed Projects Our Clients
bullet Engineering Consultancy (PL)
bullet Renewable Energy (PL)
bullet CDM/Carbon Credit
bullet Waste Management (PL)
bullet Networking (PL)
bullet Environment Impact Assessment (PL)
bullet Social Impact Assessment




Green Circle Environment is an organization working for environment protection and promotion. It was established in 2001 and was registered under Companies Act in the year 2002-03. We specialize in eco-friendly solutions to create good habitats .

Our activities are in the fields of Solid Waste Management, Bio-Medical Waste Management, Organic Products, Effluent Treatment, Infrastructure, Research & Development .

Economic growth leads to high consumerism. Consumers create more and more waste. To help the growing economies and consumers in protecting their environment, we are in a continuous process of evolving solutions for waste management.

We design solid waste treatment and disposal facilities. We also undertake installation of waste management facilities. The other major activity is that, we run waste treatment and disposal facilities.

Our clients are municipal bodies, corporations, NGOs and also citizens living in urban areas.

To keep residential colonies clean we take up door to door waste collection.

Bio-Medical Waste is a hazardous waste. It can be a major cause of health hazard hence rules have been made in India under EPA Act for management of bio-medical waste with the name Biomedical (Management and handling) Rules 1998.

We prepare plans for health care institutions with regard to bio-medical waste management. We also take up installation and management of central facilities for treatment and disposal of bio-medical waste.

We produce organic inputs for agriculture using various waste materials and organic materials. The products are marketed with the brand name “Pragati”. At present we are marketing soil conditioners, value added soil conditioners and bio-fertilisers. The products are popularly known as organic fertilizer.

Effluent treatment is gaining importance in all the industries with the rise of citizens awareness. We take up designing, installation and maintenance of effluent treatment plant. Our clients are in the corporate and municipal sector.

We are entering into infrastructure development where efforts are being made to make the infrastructure eco-friendly. The first step is to establish the Administrative Block of Industrial Training Center at Ganeswarpur in Puri District.

Waste Treatment

Bio Technological Research is being conducted on increasing efficiency in solid waste processing.

Utilization of Bi-products.

Agronomic Research is being conducted on utilization of organic bi-products for increasing its utility in agriculture.

Research is also being taken up for utilization of inorganic waste products.

Development of Processing Equipment

We are developing our models for waste management. Hence we need suitable equipments for processing. We are continuously developing mechanical equipments for segregation.


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