• Land Acquisition (both from private as well as from Government sources)
  • Forest De-Reservation Proposals (Both State Level as well as Central Government Level)
  • Coal Linkages from CIL
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Detailed Project Reports
Ongoing Projects Proposed Projects Our Clients
bullet Engineering Consultancy (PL)
bullet Renewable Energy (PL)
bullet CDM/Carbon Credit
bullet Waste Management (PL)
bullet Networking (PL)
bullet Environment Impact Assessment (PL)
bullet Social Impact Assessment



South Asian Foundation for Human Initiatives

Our Beliefs

  • Development has to have a local footprint
  • Community support is the key to success
  • Livelihood sustenance demands strong linkages
  • Focus on security, not survival.

Our Rational Premise

  • Sustenance is in earning our livelihood.
  • Security is strength.
  • We define achievement as growth over the past to be invested in the future

Our Response

  • We hold hands to stride along, not plead.
  • We extend our arms to lay the foundation for our children.
  • We propagate human initiatives.

Perceived in a dynamic environment, characterised by a shift in state policy from centrally managed supply driven approach to a decentralised demand driven community based approach.

Safhi engages local communities in a dynamic process of improving citizen access to justice, creation of livelihoods, restoring community cohesion, promoting solidarity across communities, and environmental protection & management of the micro-ecosystems up to bio-regions

Safhi recognises that grassroots level interventions supported by social and developmental research, leads to Informed Choice and Partnership. Hence, it approaches the programme and process as a participant with focus on people’s involvement and initiatives through:

  • Information Dissemination           
  • Capacity Building
  • Empowerment      
  • Social Participation
  • Resource Networking
  • Institution Development
  • Harnessing Intersectional Synergies
The eighth year since inception witnessed remarkable strides in new initiatives of Safhi namely in the spheres of Health care & support and Livelihood support programmes besides continuing its activities in the areas of Resettlement & Rehabilitation, Land & Water Management and Water/ Sanitation programmes.


  1. Multi disciplinary team: Professionals with Safhi include specialists in the area of Sociology, Anthropology, Soil & Water Conservation, Watershed Mgt, Medicine, Health, Rural Dev., Economics, Statistics, Public Administration, Environment, Natural Sciences, Marketing Mgt, Architecture, Regional Planning, Communication and IT.

  2. Nation-wide skilled manpower network: Safhi engages about 150 full time professional across the nation and has a panel of 1500 trained Facilitators and Supervisors

  3. Professional Management: Elected Governing body members constitute Safhi Governing Body. An Executive Committee comprising the President, Secretary and Treasurer look after the regular management of the Organisation.
Registration details

Name: South Asian Foundation for Human Initiatives, Calcutta, Registered Office: 222, A.J.C Bose Road, 3rd Floor, Space 3 A, Kolkata 700 017 Telefax 033 2283 0663, Phone: 033 2283 0664/0742/0743, E-mail:

Registration Act XXVI of 1961, West Bengal vide Registration Number: S/ 88428 of 1997-98.Date: November 5, 1997 as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), Place: Kolkata, West Bengal, FCRA Registration: Safhi is Registered with FCRA vide certification 147120559 of 8th December 2000

Tax Exemption: 80 G certificate for the exemption U/S 80 G of I.T Act 1961

Organisation Details:
Name of the Organisation: South Asian Foundation for Human Initiatives
Registered Office Address: 222, A.J. C Bose Road, Space - 3A, Kolkata 700017, West Bengal
Phone: (033) 2283 0742/ 0743/ 0664

Fax: (033) 2283 0663

Registration details:

Registered vide Societies Registration ACT, Number S/88428 of 1997-98, dated 5.11.1997 in Kolkata, West Bengal

  • SAFHI is exempted under Section 80 G of IT Act, 1961, India
  • SAFHI has registration under Section 12 A of IT Act, 1961
FCRA Registration:

SAFHI is registered with FCRA certification vides no. 147120559 of 8th December 2000

Name of Chief functionary & Designation:

Mr. Amit Roy, President

Elected Governing body members constitute SAFHI Governing Body. An Executive Committee Comprising the President, Secretary and Treasurer looks after the regular management of the Society.

Project Partners

International Organizations

  • World Bank
  • DFID
  • Ford Foundation
  • MIT
  • JBIC
  • IFAD (Jeevika Project)
  • EU (MIP Orissa)
  • IFH

Government Organizations

  • NHAI
  • MoRD
  • State AIDS Control Society
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Water Resource
  • Department of Science and Technology

Technical and Research Institutions

  • KVIC
  • EDII
  • Centre for Co-op. Mgt
  • PWC
  • AC Nielsen
  • Indegene

Private Sector

  • CII
  • HLL
  • ITC Welcome
  • Tata BP Solar
  • SRL Ranbaxy
  • Panacea Phama
  • Kegg Farm
  • Singer
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